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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stocking the Toolbox

The first thing you need to know is that the picture there is not my breakfast. It was supposed to be a picture of my breakfast but the picture of my breakfast up and disappeared. My breakfast was some pinto beans, spinach, egg whites, salsa, a cup of coffee, a large glass of ice water and 4 fork fulls of saurkraut. That's right boys and girls it's new eating plan time!!!

Today we’re starting the slow carb diet as suggested by THE 4-HOUR BODY by Timothy Ferriss. Before we start the eating plan, there are some tools suggested to failure-proof the plan. Here are the ones I am deploying:

Photo Tracking my Food: Tracking has been a good tool for me when I do it. One of the coolest suggestions I found in 4HB is to track by photo. The benefits are that it’s immediate, it’s honest and it’s simple. All I have to do take a picture of food before I eat it. I’m using the eatly app to do it. (Okay so that plan hasn't gone well so far, it's day one, meal one--I'll get better!)

The Fatty Photo: I know, that’s not the nicest way to put it, but it’s true and it’s time to face facts--every time I open the fridge. Having a before pic is supposed to be a “big” motivator. This is my overeating mugshot. I can’t wait to track my journey to freedom. This was painful. Big Daddy and I took these pictures after a bike ride. Hair was floppy, shirts were off (I had on a sports bra.) There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. This picture bums me out, especially when I consider that I was 30 pounds heavier a year ago. I have a new respect for those folks on the Biggest Loser. Here's the crazy part, when I look at that picture I think, I don't want anyone to see that, but the truth is that I'm the only one who has been in the dark about how big I am.

Make it a Game: I’ve already told you about “don’t break the chain.” That’s one part of making it a game. The other part is that Big Daddy and I have to put up or pay up. If either of us cheats on a non-cheat day, we have to put $10 in the Vegas Fund Jar.

Inch by Inch: Unlike other plans where I relied on the scale to tell me how I am doing, I am also using a tape measure each week as another way to track my progress. 4HB is really big on measuring and tracking so I’ve made very simple worksheets to record my data.

As far as the Slow Carb Diet--I’ll be posting about that in the days to come. It’s a very different eating plan and it’s not designed for fun. It is supposed to be designed for quick and profound results and maybe just maybe if things go well, someday, I’ll share my “before” picture.

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