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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleepless in South Padre

Big Daddy and I came to South Padre Island for the weekend and it's definately been a weekend of ups and downs. Friday we had a great day and really enjoyed the conference and each other. Saturday was a different story with a computer screw up I got obsessed about and "I don't know what do you want to do?" dead time with no way to really get anywhere. It was supposed to rain all weekend so we weren't expecting to be outside and we didn't really pack for for beachcombing. I spent hours trying to make my netbook interface with my Rhapsody account (including forty-five minutes on the phone with a lovely Indian gal doing tech support where at the end of the process we were at exactly the same spot as I was in before I called tech support) while Big Daddy played channel pong among the Saints game and various Cartoon Network shows and some realllllllllly painful action hero movies. Well, believe it or not, I got myself all in an emotional lather and had a mini-meltdown over something that made me very weepy and indignant. I never actually identified the root cause of the weepiness or the indignance but I did share about the feelings. Poor poor poor Big Daddy. People kept coming up to him telling him what a lucky guy he is to have snagged such an adorable bride and I'd literally just released him from room 306 in Hotel Hell. He's a very gracious man.

We wound up ordering a late night pizza and we had a picnic in our hotel room and we had a good talk before Big Daddy headed off to sleepyland, solo. I've been doing my insomnia routine lately and it's no fun for anyone involved. I didn't bring a sleep aid on this trip so I'm watching reruns and listening to my sweet sleepy spouse saw the proverbial log. There's a point when I'm too tired for Sudoku or Scrabble but not tired enough for actual sleep, and that my friends, is the dark night of the spirit. In the past I've used my insomnia runs as an opportunity to work on my writing but since we're in a hotel room and I like to hand write my first drafts I'm a little stuck tonight due to lighting conditions unless I'm willing to sequester myself in the bathroom.

So it's been fun Port Isabel, but I'm heading home in the morning. It's been real and and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. I'm looking forward to a quiet afternoon nodding in and out on my couch while Big Daddy *quietly* cheers his Cowboys to victory. Sweet dreams my non-sleep deprived friends, I'll see you after I've had a few more winks.

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  1. So sorry you are having trouble sleeping. I finally had to have a sleep study done. My legs were waking me up and average of 17 times an hour!!! Much better now! Who knew? I thought I was just snoring.