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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to School Fun

I started back at community college today and I pulled a classic blooper. I looked everything up about my class: building, room, prof and time I just forgot to look up um....where the school is. So I was twenty minutes late to class. No big deal. I also asked for directions to the building which may not seem like an accomplishment to some, but I have a hard time asking for directions, obviously. It helped a lot that they were giving away free stuff at the information table. I got a pencil, a highlighter, a calendar and a donut (no time for coffee). I LOVE free stuff. Then after class I headed to the campus bookstore to get my Spanish book and supercode and the line was waaaaay out the door and I decided I could wait. On the drive home I decided to stop by Half Price Books and on a whim I looked to see if they might have my Spanish book there and would you believe it, they did and it was the right edition and the CD and supercode was in the book. On campus the book was $110. I got it for (drum roll please) $9.98!!! I was so excited I went to Office Max and bought new highlighters and three notebooks and some mechanical pencils off the clearance rack. I may have to pay for a new supercode but even if I do it's still half the price of the cheapest used book I could find online without the code included. This seems like a very lucky day for me and I'm going to ride the wave of enthusiasm and print off my syllabi and put all my due dates in my new free calendar. Yippeeeeeee!

I have begun mapping out my Valentines Day surprises for Big Daddy and I've decided to start with a theme for all the activities. I'm keeping the budget low and the creativity high. I've got two meals planned, a game, an arts and crafts project (I've got two ideas and I don't think he'd hate either one!), an activity, two movie choices (although I'm still researching on that) and a gift idea. I'm also working on decorations and a creative way to share our itinerary. I found some pretty fun date ideas here if you're looking for some inspiration. The nice thing is that date ideas can easily be modified to include friends and/or kids. I decided to eat out for lunch and eat in for dinner. There are three benefits to this idea: 1. Lunch is less expensive than dinner 2. We can avoid the crowds and a potential wait and 3. If we find ourselves feeling a bit romantic...well you know....

I'm off to start my homework!

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