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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still Consumed

 I am still sketching every day sometimes all day long. I found a free "Back to Basics" class online and am now taking that while I wait for Sketchbook Skool to start. I am also obsessed with Urban Sketchers, and I am anxious for the day I feel confident doing an on the spot sketch of some building or a concert or something busy. I draw in public now, but only small things/single subjects. The other night at dinner (best corn tortillas ever!) I drew a deer head that was on the wall at the restaurant. Big Daddy got a little self conscious or maybe he was jealous that I got attention for my drawing when usually he's the star for being in the "clean plate club."

This might be the most boring post I've ever done. Yawn. But hey, if you have any interest in drawing/sketching, sign up for the freebie class.

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