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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It's been a great morning so far. I jumped out of bed and onto the scale and it sent me a message of great joy. Then we got out early for our bike ride. Posie and I are really having a great time together except that I am saddle sore. I'm contemplating getting a seat that's squishier but I'm having trouble convincing myself to part with the money. Then I made breakfast, sent Big Daddy off into the world and wrote in my journal. Along with eating right and exercising, I've also been writing and drawing every day and it is amazing what a difference that makes in my overall sense of well being.

I have loved writing and drawing since I could. There's just something magic about the possibility of it all, and it was the first (and probably healthiest) way that I found  to make the world go away. An hour spent with my journal or a my paints and pens is like a vacation, a retreat, an oasis.

So I am refreshed and renewed and I really need to get cooking (quite literally), but maybe I can just enjoy the peace for a few more minutes...

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