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Friday, October 4, 2013

My Superman

I have to leave my Superman today. I'm headed out of town to Smithville, Texas. I have no idea where that is but I have a GPS so I imagine I'll get there one way or another. Leaving town used to be a big fun thing before Big Daddy came into my life. I'd look forward to it for weeks, sometimes months. I would get so excited that I couldn't sleep.

It's not like that anymore. I often realize only days in advance that I'm heading out of town. I procrastinate about packing my bags. I whine about all the stuff I have to do to get ready. I drag my feet.

While I was out of town, people inevitably thank me for giving up my time to be at their thingie and in the past I would brush that off saying, "Are you kidding me? I get treated like a princess and I don't have to do any chores. Where's the sacrifice in that?" Now I just say, "You're welcome." Now it is a sacrifice. I love my home because I share it with someone who makes sure I know I'm special every day. (And I get treated like a princess and often don't do any chores.)

So I'm sitting on the couch and I need to make breakfast, finish packing, get showered and ready and I have to load the car. I keep peeking over at the clock to see if I can squeeze just ten more minutes of peace in before I have to start scurrying again. I just want a few more minutes to count the blessings of home before I have to leave it...

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