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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make Stuff!

I made a deal with myself that I'd do one creative thing each day of Spring Break and yesterday I hung the pictures Big Daddy and I displayed at our wedding. It was a little tricky finding an arrangement I could live with since it wasn't symetrical but this one works for me. The letters are metal and I found them at Michaels for $1 each. This is the little nook right by our master bedroom and I like that the one color photograph is the picture we took right after we were pronounced husband and wife. The other pictures are pictures we took on various fieldtrips when we were dating. A family friend came to me during the wedding and wanted to know who our photographer was for these photos and I cracked up. All of the pictures were taken on my little pink camera and all but a couple were taken by us. Big Daddy and I have a system where one of us holds the camera at arms length and shoots the picture. It's become a signatue style and it amuses the heck out of my sister. People will see us taking our own picture and will offer to take photos for us and nine times out of ten I delete the pictures after they walk away. I like the head shots better, especially when we can tilt our heads and my double chin isn't the focal point of the picture. I edit our photos using the editing program associated with flickr most of the time although I now have a cheapy disc I got at walmart or office something that I use as well. I like to print my pictures in black and white or in sepia because it allows me to tie together photos from different times and places without worrying about color schemes.

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