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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Weekend of Japanese Fun!

Now I can do the reveal on our Valentines Day plans. On Friday night Big Daddy came home to a six pack of this:

The funny thing about that is that B.D. drank two and a half bottles and then dozed on the couch. The dozing was obviously unrelated to the beer but it just about drove me insane that he would sleep while he had half a beer left. I found myself arguing with him in my head, if you want two beers drink two. If you want three beers drink three. This two and half business is just wrong! Eventually I woke him up and told him to drink the other half. I didn't have any desire to drink the stupid thing, I just needed him to drink the stupid thing right! More confirmation that I need twelve steps and he doesn't. :)
We watched this: (Our review: skip it. The middle piece was just over the top wierd and kinda soured me on the whole thing. We don't mind subtitles but this was just a little too artsy and a little to challenging to stick with through for the long haul. The shame in it was that I liked the third piece the best and almost gave up before I got there. Big Daddy's review--Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

I had planned on renting different movies than I got. Blockbuster has really shaved down their stock and I was surprised to find that two of the movies widely regarded as classics were not available. I was hoping to get Seven Samauri and Shall We Dance (NOT the Richard Gere remake). Soooooo, if you're planning a theme night plan ahead on the movies because unless the DVD is relatively new, they probably don't have it.

 We ordered takeout from here:

And snacked on these:

The theme thing was a lot of fun, and Big Daddy was amused at my commitment to it. I informed him that we weren't going to look too closely at whether something was truly Japanese or actually Chinese because there was some overlap and it was intimidating enough to wander around the world wide web and the big asian grocery store without a tour guide. Speaking of grocery stores, I went to Asia World Market for some of my supplies. If you live in P-town you really ought to check out this place:
I love foriegn grocery stores (except for the meat department because I don't like food with faces) and this place is always buzzing with activity. The store is clean and filled with all kinds of stuff I find fascinating. There are also little shops around the big grocery store like a teapot shop, a cell phone store, a cosmetics place, a crepe shop and a store that sells asian kitch stuff.  Tomorrow I'll introduce you to my very favorite asian grocery store. More Valentine adventures tomorrow!

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