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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


As a surprise for Big Daddy I went and picked out new cell phones for us. I was very sneaky about it and was far more excited to get big Daddy a non-hooptie phone than I was about my updated Blackberry. I am not in love with the Blackberry but I am relieved that there are very few changes from the old one to the new one. Learning a new phone is a pain for those of us who didn't teethe on technology. It took my forever to learn to text. I didn't quite figure out predictive text right away so my early texts were amusing. A friend used to say, "It's not just a text it's a puzzle!" I would have loved to go the full nine yards and spluged on iPhones for both of us but who am I kidding? I'm unemployed. We went with free and free.

Big Daddy is funny with new electronics because he's even less tech literate than I am. He bought an answer tone rather than a ring tone and couldn't figure out why he couldn't hear it when his phone rang. I installed Tetris on his phone too and I figure after all our add-ons, I suspect we successfully turned two free phones into a pending $700 phone bill.

I have gotten two pressies for Big Daddy's Valentines Day surprise. I know he's getting nervous that I'm plotting and scheming because it seems like he's going to wind up in trouble if he lets me pamper him. The truth is I've been fussy lately and have felt very guilty about the way I've taken my moods out on him, so I'm excited to get to give him a weekend that's all about enjoying himself.

We had our annual Superbowl pizza extravaganza on Sunday, and while there's always a turnover in personnel in our circle of friends, we still had a good turn out and a lot of fun. Spider Pig was a welcome addition to our festivities and I hope he'll become a regular. Stalker brought a new girl and I really like her, which never seems to add to the longevity of his relationships, but I do really like her. It was so funny, while I was getting my new phone set up it rang and the name on the phone was "Stalker" and the girl behind the counter looked very nervous and said, "Do you want to answer that?" For those of you who don't know, Stalker is my BFF from Waco. We met because he was calling me to speak at this thing and the first thing he said to me when he called to ask was, "I've been stalking you for two years trying to meet you and get your number." My response was, "I'm the kinda girl who's flattered by that." We've been besties from about that moment on.

I just got an email from my algebra prof reminding me about my test so that seems like a sign that I should get back to my homework! More later, and love to all!

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